Monday, August 25, 2014

What the Apes are Thinking

Sometimes I go to the zoo, and look at the orangutans and gorillas. And they look back at me and all the other humans. 

Somebody's always saying, "Look at that big ass monkey!" A kid will be hooting and making faces, while his dad says, "They say we came from those things? No way."

But the apes take it all in stride. They just gaze back at us and look thoughtful. 

Or maybe wistful, or bemused.  

Contemplative. That's the word.

I've always wondered what they were thinking. What questions are they pondering? 

Lately, though, I've been reading the news, and thinking about history, and hearing about Kardashians and Limbaughs and such. And now, when the apes look at me and my kind, I think I know what they're thinking:


  1. Ha!! Sometimes I think they're solving equations in their heads, and contemplating whether or not to be. Or maybe they're just thinking, "The heart wants what it wants and mine wants you to STOP STARING AT ME. Weird humans." Wouldn't surprise me much if they were.

    I do love a good zoo, though!

    -Amy G.

    1. I figure we look sort of like those hairless cats to them.